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We currently have a new employment opening for an executive director position. For more information, please read the job description below or contact us at: 248-808-4318 or mainstreetfranklinmichigan@gmail.com


Main Street Franklin Contractual Executive Director

Job Description



The Main Street Franklin contractual program director coordinates activities within the Village Center commercial district and utilizes historic preservation as an integral foundation for downtown management. The program director is the principal on-site staff person responsible for coordinating all program activities and volunteers, as well as representing the community regionally and nationally, as appropriate.  In addition, the program director should assist in guiding the organization as its objectives evolve.


Contractual Duties to be Performed:

- Coordinate the activity of the Main Street Franklin program committees/task forces.


- Manage the administrative aspects of the Main Street Franklin


- Develop, in conjunction with the Main Street Franklin Board of Directors, downtown economic development strategies that are based on historic preservation.  Utilize the community’s human and economic resources to implement a downtown management strategy around the four pillars of the Main Street Approach (Design, Promotion and Marketing, Organization, and Economic Development)


- Develop and conduct on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of the downtown’s assets and to foster an understanding of Main Street Franklin’s program goals and objectives. Use speaking engagements, media interviews, and personal appearances to keep the program in the public eye.


- Assess the management capacity of major downtown organizations and encourage a cooperative climate among downtown interests and local public officials.


- Help coordinate joint promotional events, work closely with local media to ensure maximum coverage; encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion in order to advance an image of quality for the downtown.


- Utilizing the Main Street Program Approach, develop and maintain data systems to track the progress of Main Street Franklin.


- Represent the community to important constituencies at the local state, and national levels.


- Assist property owners and businesses in relevant development efforts; connect them to available resources to aid in the development, re-development, business retention, or recruitment efforts for the district.


- Become familiar with local ordinances and plans related to Signage, Master Planning, and Historic Preservation.


- Advise stakeholders of the district on various program activities and goals, and encourage participation where applicable.


- Develop and conduct ongoing educational and training opportunities for local stakeholders on a variety of downtown related topics either solely as Main Street Franklin, or in partnership with Main Street Oakland County and others.


Essential Job Skills Required:

The Main Street Franklin Director will possess the following qualities and professional/or educational experience(s) in one or more of the following areas for at least 2 years:  a working knowledge of the Main Street Program would be ideal, but on-the-job training is available through Main Street Oakland County.

- Downtown District Management

- Business Administration

- Public Administration

- Finance

- Retailing

- Public Relations

- Non Profit Management

- Grant Writing

- Proficiency in MS Office



- Enthusiastic

- Entrepreneurial

- Energetic

- Imaginative

- Outgoing

- Positive

- Well organized

- Able to work independently and with groups

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Conflict resolution skills



The Main Street Franklin Director will report to the Board of Directors, but day-to-day” direction will come from the Board President of the organization.



This position is contractual at 20 to 30 hours a week for 50 weeks a year.

$500.00 a week - gross.

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