Main Street Franklin (MSF) is an IRS approved 501.(c)6 non-profit tax exempt organization. Its goal is to preserve Franklin’s historic business district while creating an attractive commercial area that houses an appropriate business mix and offers a welcoming streetscape that complements its natural feel and historic architecture.

Main Street Franklin's mission is to create a unique destination with businesses that provide  a one-of-a-kind experience while still maintaining downtown Franklin's neighborhood charm. MSF strives to implement a safe, walkable, attractive downtown while preserving and promoting the historic character of the village.


 Main Street Four-Point Approach®  is a unique economic development tool, and is the foundation for local initiatives to revitalize their districts by leveraging local assets—from cultural or architectural heritage to local enterprises and community pride.



How to support our mission: We invite you to support your hometown historic village center by supporting Main Street Franklin today! It's easy to do by mailing a check or paying by credit card here!

Click here to learn about some of the things we do with your support: 


  • MSF created a $5,000 façade grant program. This program supported the façade renovation for the Village Plaza and the Costello Barn Rehabilitation, as well as established plans for the rain garden, pedestrian & parking enhancement project. 

  • MSF brought Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Community Revitalization Program to its property owners and facilitated the application process, including writing the grant, for the proposed renovation of the Costello barn.

  • MSF volunteers worked with Main Street Bank to put together a low-interest loan program for our property owners who were looking to do major improvements beyond façade renovations. This low-interest program was a key piece of the puzzle in the financing of the Costello barn project.

  • MSF has facilitated annual property owner meetings. Until the first meeting, the property owners had never come together in one group to address issues of concern, talk about solutions, or just to meet each other.

  • MSF brought the Village Center’s first public mural project to completion. This mural project served to showcase Franklin’s historic Village Center via the arts and raise awareness of our charming businesses district and all that it has to offer to the greater Detroit area.

  • MSF hosted a one-day workshop, “Historic Preservation in the 21st Century.” This workshop brought top leaders in their fields to Franklin to talk about such relevant issues as sustainability, the future of preservation, economic development and preservation, as well as an overview of the Secretary of the Interiors design standards.

  • MSF has created a variety of Village Center events that add value to the community, as well as bring business to our merchants. They include: Franklinstein Frenzy, the Chilly Chili Cook-off, Lobster Drop Fathers Day Feast, and Sip, Shop, and Stroll.

  • MSF was responsible for bringing the first year of the Franklin Farmers Market to town. For years the community wished for a Farmers Market. Then MSF's volunteers created a work plan, and this wish was granted. While it was our volunteer hours and planning that established a base and created a successful first market year - the FCA has now successfully taken this task and they continue operating a wonderful fresh market for our community.


Through dedication and perseverance, Main Street Franklin will create a dynamic village center of commerce and culture that honors Historic Franklin's preserved architecture and magnificent rural setting, while actively encouraging economic growth to create a one-of-a-kind cultural, shopping, and destination experience for residents and visitors alike.


Our nearly complete  Streetscape was designed and curated by Design Studio. The Streetscape has become a vital tool for the Planning Commission, Village Council, Historic District Commission, and Main Street Franklin as we work collaboratively together to revitalize the Village; its Downtown District, residents and visitors, while managing future change in a historically sensitive and sustainable way.